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What is FIRST, FLL and Jr.FLL?

FIRST is the national non-profit organization that each year develops the LEGO Robotics challenge, and the accompanying standardized playing field and set up for the competition.  You must register at least one team with FIRST in order for your organization to have a team number and to purchase the challenge description, rules and playing field. This will also allow your registered team to travel to any of the FIRST sponsored competitions.

The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) has expanded its reach from 2,000 children in 1998 to over 25,000 children across the United States and over 5,000 children from countries around the world.  This is the organization that provides the challenge, the participation materials, and the tournament guidelines.

The Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) is the division for children ages 6-9 years of age. We will host the 2008 Rocky Mountain Expo at Leawood Elementary School in Littleton April 25th. 2009

How do I register my team?

You will need to register with the national First LEGO League and with the Rocky Mountain Jr.FLL Expo. Information for the national registration may be found here.

When does the FLL season start?

Registration is now open. Teams usually spend approximately four weeks completing their study, poster and lego creation, presenting at the Jr.FLL Expo.

How much does a team cost?

It is $25.00 to register a team and the optional lego kit is $95.00. The project can certainly be completed using the legos the team members already have.

Does a team have to be part of a school?

You do not have to be part of a school to register a team with the Rocky Mountain Jr. Lego League Expo in Littleton. Most teams are and it's a handy way to keep track of the teams, but being a part of a school is not required.

Are there prizes?

In Jr.FLL, every team and team member’s achievements are celebrated! Click here to see examples of the possibilities!

Questions and Comments are welcome at ekeating at jeffco dot k12 dot co dot us
Colorado FIRST LEGO® League is an All Volunteer Organization.